Marc A. Gomez

L.Ac., Dipl.O.M., Dipl.C.H., M.Q.P.


Herbal Medicine



substance abuse

trauma recovery


qi gong

Physician of Chinese Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist

Trauma Recovery Counselor

Spiritual Counselor


Holistic Nutritionist

Qigong and Meditation Teacher


Marc A. Gomez

Marc A. Gomez is a 39th generation physician of Chinese medicine, licensed acupuncturist, spiritual counselor, herbalist and holistic nutritionist.  Marc has been practicing Chinese medicine, teaching chi gong, tai chi, medical chi gong, and meditation for over twenty-nine years. Marc has also been avidly pursuing in depth personal studies of the Jungian psychoanalytical process for over seventeen years.  Marc currently has a private practice in Los Angeles and works as a private contractor at several substance abuse treatment centers and sober livings.


Marc is a former associate of the Tao of Wellness where he completed a two-year fellowship.  He specializes in mental health disorders, substance abuse, chemical dependency, anxiety disorders, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder.  He completed an internship in integrative pain management at the Venice Family Clinic.  He also completed a special internship in TCM Gynecology at the Second Hospital of TCM in Sichuan, China and an internship in Oncology at the Sichuan Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital in Sichuan, China.


Marc completed a 200-hour study course in meditation and medical qigong meditation prescription exercises at the International Institute of Medical Qigong and completed over 400 hours of study in qigong, medical qigong, and Taoist meditation at Yo San University.  Marc has also practiced with and apprenticed under many great masters.  He strongly believes in a holistic approach to wellness by addressing ones spirit, mind, body, soul and emotional well-being.




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